About us

We provide vehicle and asset tracking solutions for private, business and government clients. The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses rethink how they operate and maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. We are committed to supporting our clients needs by providing reliable, affordable products and services that provide real benefits to our customers backed by dedicated customer service and support. We aim to provide solutions that provide valuable business intelligence that our customers get the competitive edge.

Industries we support:

Transport companies

(Compliant with SI154 of 2010 section 64, part 2)

Construction plant and equipment



Rental cars

Farming equipment

Route Playback

Watch the day's trips from the comfort of your home or mobile device to better understand vehicle usage, identify unauthorized trips and stops


Get detailed reports and insights into mileage, trips, utilization and maintenance, geo fence entry and exit and fuel levels.


Detect reckless driving behavior early and provide coaching.

Improved chances of vehicle recovery after theft.

Crash detection notifications.

Get instant notifications for exceptions

Get immediate notifications for over speeding, battery disconnection, when vehicle enters or exits your nominated area (Geo Fence), reckless driving and when vehicle is driven outside nominated hours.

Diaspora Clients

Are you concerned about your personal or business vehicle usage in Zimbabwe? We can give you real-time 24/7 visibility of your vehicle's location and usage allowing you to make accurate and informed decisions . We have helped clients as far of as Australia and New Zealand take charge of their personal and business assets in Zimbabwe.

We have streamlined our process for those in the diaspora to make setup quick and hassle free.